PVC Conveyor Belt

SCON has developed a new range of PVC belts that are fully complaint with International food regulations allowing a risk free processing to all intents and purposes.The use of the new belts eliminates the risk of failing in customer audits due to the belts containing materials not accepted in food processing.

Key Features
  • Full compliance of belts and accessories with EU regulations for direct food contact,
    EC 1935/2004
    INTERNATINAL 10/2011
  • Skilled personnel work with assured quality systems throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for every product provided.
  • Surface coating made on hot melt coater equipment.
  • All smooth belts feature matt finish.
  • All belts anti-statically equipped.
  • Safe production process.
  • Material has absolutely no impact on processed food.
  • Customer security, no danger to food consumers.
  • No problems with audits.
  • No risk of lawsuits.
  • Every product complies with valid regulations.
  • Specifications continuously monitored.
  • Conformity with regulations clearly stated.
  • Information provided about materials.
  • Conditions of use properly defined.
  • Low porosity; like a calendered product – supports hygiene and long product lifetime.
  • Supports easy release and clean ability.
  • Better look and feel compared with market – standard glossy material.
  • No interference with electronic gear.
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