Rubber Conveyor Belt

Sanghvi Group Of Companies are a reputed name in the field of rubber conveyor belt & transmission rubber belts.

Constructional features of SCON Conveyor Belts
Width Up to 2400 mm
Fabrics plies 2 plies to 6 plies
Cover Grades
Cover type Tensile strength Kg/cm2 (Min.) Elongation at break (% Min.) General Applications
M-24 240 450 Suitable for rugged services for conveying crushed Metallic ores,Lime stone, Granite etc. Also suitable for large size ores.
N-17 170 400 Suitable for Materials, like Asbestos, Ash, Bauxite, Cement lime etc.
HR(Heat resistance) 125 350 Suitable for Transporting hot material (Upto 120oC for coarse material and 100oC for fine material)
SHR Special heat resistance 125 350 Suitable for transporting hot material (Upto 150oC for coarse material and 125oC for fine material)
OR (Oil Resistant) 125 250 Cover Grade of specially blended synthetic Polymers is designed to give very high resistance to mineral vegetables and Animal Oils & Fats.
Food grade(Hygienic) 100 350 Suitable for handling confectionery food, Pharmaceuticals and tea etc.
FR (Fire Resistant) 170 350 Recommended for use in surface applications in coal and such type of mines where the ambient temp. may not be high but there is distinct hazard of belts being enveloped in fire. Rubber covers are fire resistant and anti static.
Polyester Nylon (EP) 
EP 100,EP 125,EP 150,EP 200,EP 250,EP 300,EP 350,EP 400 and EP 450.
Nylon Nylon (NN)  NN 100,NN 125,NN 150,NN 200,NN 250,NN 300,NN 350,NN 400 and NN 450.
Cotton Cotton 
28 OZ,32 OZ,36 OZ,42 OZ,48 OZ and for elevator belts 34 OZ.
Type of Edges Available in cut edges and moulded (protected) edges.
Belt Designation Available in three types i.e. General Duty (GD), Heavy Duty (HD) and Extra Heavy Duty (EHD).
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