Special Purpose Conveyor Belt

Conveyor & Elevator Belts for conventional application can usually be supplied from comprehensive stock, but where circumstances are dictated by difficult condition or the Belt is required to purpose Design (Moulded or Carved) can be made on any type of Conveyor or Elevator Belting with cotton, nylon Polyester fabrics.

Cleated Belting :

The most important feature of the CLEAT is that are moulded integrally with Top Rubber Cover and in consequences will withstand harsh treatment without separation.

Rubber CLEATS Increases the capacity of belt to elevate loose materials and permit Steeper Angles of inclination without damage to the products. A wide choice of CLEAT LAYOUT can be made on the BELT. Some of the Cleat LAYOUTS are shown here below:

  • Full Width Cleat
  • Cleats with Gap
  • Cleats with Additional Gaps
  • Bucket Elevator Cleats
  • Chevron Cleats
  • Sidewall Cleats

Rough Top Belt:

This is a belt for transformation at inclined angles. Top cover rubber is fitted with a particular pattern of meshes of net and It prevents disorder and spilling-off of cargo during transportation. The one-cushion effect, which the particular pattern possesses will mollify and absorb impacts and vibration and it is suitable for transportation of fragile nature of goods.

Food Grade Belts:

SCON Food Grade belts are specially designed to transport Hygenic material (Salt, Silica, Sugar etc) and comply fully with the In-force laws concerning the hygiene of food grade belts. These belts are manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Any Pattern of Molded CLEATS on the Belts minimizes spillage, they reduce roll-back on elevated conveyors and ensure positive movements on horizontal system.

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