Vulcanizing & Repairing Of Belts

Every Conveyor & Elevator Belts to be joined with Mechanical Fasteners or a Vulcanized Splice.

Vulcanized Splice is widely recommended as it lasts longer than type of Fasteners. It develops nearly the strength of the belt itself. It forms smooth endless Bend and travels smoothly over idlers and terminal pulleys reducing idler and Pulley Wear. Economical on Maintenance and Clearing, by preventing spillage through fastener gaps. Protects the joint from Moisture whereas faster becomes rusty and looses its strength. In short, jointing by vulcanized splice increases the life of belt and smoothens the performance of the belt.

Vulcanized splice is not recommended where frequent extension or retraction of lengths of belts are made. Inadequate take-up has been provided and where the belt is being used continuously and it is not possible to stop it long enough to allow a splice to be made.

We at SCON, also specialize in vulcanizing, splicing and repairing of any type of Conveyor & Elevator Belts. These services are also provided ON-Site with special care & attention by out standing Team.

Besides the above SPECIAL PURPOSE SERVICES. We also carry HUGE STOCK of CONVEYOR & ELEVATOR BELTS in cotton/cotton, nylon/nylon or Polyester Fabrics. Friction surface Belts, PVC Conveyor Belts, Heat Resistant, Oil Resistant and Fire Resistant Grade Belts also ranging from 100mm width to 2400mm width. We also carry stock of while PVC/ Rubber Hygienic/ Food Grade Conveyor Belts.

So for any of your SPECIAL, UNUSUAL or REGULAR urgent requirements, SCON Services are always available.

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